Another sport vision training at BTA

Yesterday we had the pleasure to collaborate again with Giorgio Sola, a sport vision and mental trainer from Italy.

Giorgio ran a series of vision exercises with our full-time player Daniel and he was impressed with Daniel’s excellent focus. During the exercises it turned out that sometimes Daniel needs to slow down as when he doesn’t rush the level of his technical execution raises significantly. It was great to see how Daniel kept improving from one exercise to another.

Sport vision training can be a great complement to regular fitness and mental programmes. Overall, it enhances the brain's ability to process visual data. Its benefits in tennis are numerous. It may improve ability to track the ball and quicker reaction to its direction, concentration, focusing flexibility and eye-hand coordination. In addition, it may lead to more controlled body movement and enhanced court awareness.

Huge thanks to Giorgio Sola for this visit! We see great potential in this type of practice and we love his approach.

Here's Giorgio’s website where you can find more information about his work -

Looking forward to seeing Giorgio again at our academy!