Some Reasons to visit our Tennis Academy

The Barcelona region of Spain has an international reputation for producing some of Europe's and the world's best tennis players. The Barcelona Tennis Academy aims to provide the opportunity to enjoy a world-class training programme in a beautiful Spanish setting, whether you are with us for one week or for a year.


Training programmes at the Barcelona Tennis Academy are under the supervision and control of Raphael Maurer from Switzerland, who is managing a team of professional and experienced tennis coaches, as well as fitness trainers, a sport psychologist and a physiotherapist. A passionate team dedicated to help each player reach their full potential.



Our tennis academy offers programmes for all ages and levels. In addition to coaching future world-class players, BTA has programmes for individuals and groups looking to improve their game in a short period of time. The academy can design a personalised training programme for all players for any period of time.



Our tennis academy is located in Spain, in Castelldefels, a vibrant coastal village, just 20 minutes outside Barcelona and 10 minutes from the international airport. In addition, the courts are just a 5-minute walk away from a beautiful sandy beach.

Our new facilities have all the necessary structures to set up complete training programmes for our players.


Our Philosophy


We are a small tennis academy and we specialise in offering the most personalised training for each player. Our director is always on court to monitor each player’s development.


Our staff has many years of experience coaching tennis and running tennis programmes in all parts of the world. Our tennis academy provides its players with a professional environment, including great facilities and a dedicated coaching staff.


Within the academy, the entire staff loves tennis and is very passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge with the students. We care and will always do our best to ensure the player’s success.

Your Home Away From Home


At BTA our main goal is to create for our players a home-like setting, a family-like environment where they can feel emotionally secure and well taken care of. It is a place where coaches are not only authority figures, but also psychologists and friends, who know their players very well, understand them and thus can help them improve as both athletes and individuals.


We allow for every aspect of our players’ development - not only their tennis game, but also their mental approach, not only their fitness, but also their diet. Their well-being is our priority, that’s why our players have their meals prepared especially for them at a restaurant where high-quality and nutritious food is served every day. We are well aware that to perform at the optimal level and power through high-intensity trainings and matches, our players need the correct fuel.


Our location enables our players to unwind in a unique way as our academy is situated a 5-minute walk to the beach. The Castelldefels beach is our special place - not only is it a regular, breath-taking setting for our fitness workouts, but also a retreat where players can relax and recover after intense trainings.



We train at the prestigious Andres Gimeno Tennis Club in Castelldefels, in Spain. The club is located in the suburbs of Barcelona, one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Tennis training can be combined with sightseeing and cultural events as Barcelona is a major cultural centre in southwestern Europe.

You can get to the city by car (about a 20-minute drive), by train or by bus.


Castelldefels is a popular and lively suburb of Barcelona, famous for its extremely long, wide, sandy beach and numerous, high-quality restaurants.

It is an incredible little Spanish village, south from Barcelona, approximately 20 minutes from the city centre and 10 minutes from the international airport.



I am now back home and settled and just wanted to thank you again for an incredible month at the BTA. Everyone was so fantastic - conscientious, fun and encouraging - so please pass on my thanks and regards to the rest of your team. I will never forget the experience. I learnt a great deal and I look forward to putting it all into practice in future.I would like to thank the Barcelona Tennis Academy, and in particular, Juan, Raphael, Gilles, Adri and Jordie for their professionally kind and focused tuition. As a beginner, and aspiring intermediate player I felt that my tennis needed guidance to take it to the next level.The reality of my time with the BTA was beyond all my expectations. I was worked hard in all the right fitness routines, in the gym and on the courts. My technique in my game was worked with, and fine tuned to be the best I could be. This experience was delivered with a great deal of patience, and understanding. 

The food and facilities at the club are amazing, with good wifi. They have everything to hand. Supermarkets and the beach are within walking distance. The accommodation offered in the package was comfortable, clean and a home from home. A worthwhile mention here has to be with the staff at the restaurant, wonderfully understanding with my English request in a very Spanish location.

As a parent, I was fortunate to see firsthand the wonderful family atmosphere of the academy. Knowing now what I do, there is a huge recommendation for any young person to be here. They would benefit from the kindness and compassion of great coaches and thoughtful adults in an alien environment. Words fail me for this experience, it has been beyond all expectations. I'll see you in 2017.


I just wanted to thank you all so much again for making the week so fantastic!
It was such a great experience, very personalised and the venue was simply perfect.
Everyone has been saying what a great time they had, and it's really all down to you and your wonderful team who were all so friendly and accommodating. We really do appreciate it. Many thanks again for all your efforts! I do hope we'll be back! (if you have us ;)

Mahesh & Vimal

All we have to say is that we have dealt with the most passionate and dedicated coaches at BTA. We are now confident that Anjani is real safe hands. We returned home so very satisfied. Thanks again for all the support. A very special thanks to Mr Jordi to come all the way to drop us. Thanks & Kind Regards!


This is Maria and I would like to thank you for my wonderful experience at BTA. Thank you for your time and patience with helping me improve my tennis over the past month. I would like to come back for two weeks starting Monday July 18. I would like to continue improving my tennis.


I am now back home and settled and just wanted to thank you again for an incredible month at the BTA. Everyone was so fantastic - conscientious, fun and encouraging - so please pass on my thanks and regards to the rest of your team. I will never forget the experience. I learnt a great deal and I look forward to putting it all into practice in future.