Oriol Mercade Canals Bio

Sports Psychologist


· Sport Psychologist, Universitat Ramon LLull, Barcelona

· Tennis Coach by the Catalan Tennis Federation

· Worked in prestigious tennis academies in Barcelona and China

· Played tennis from the age of 6 to 19, now he is a Triathlon-Ironman athlete. 

· Had publisehd a book in 2016 explaining his experience of working with coaches as a sport psychologist

· Director of Altrendiment: mental health & performance center in Barcelona.

Oriol Mercadé was born in Barcelona, Spain on January 4, 1982. From the age of 8 to 16, he competed in tennis. Then he participated in different ultra difficult sports, like the Ironman. 

In 2004 he graduated in Psychology from Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona and the following year he started the European Master in Sport Psychology and Physical Education, at the Universities of Physical Education of Barcelona, at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, where his final thesis was about tennis talent detection. In 2005 he also received a Post Grade in Sports Administration (University Pompeu Fabra), and started his PhD in Sport Science and he decided to study Medicine of Sleep, due to his interest in performance recovery. 

Since 2005 he has coached and worked as a Sport Psychologist also at Club Tennis Barcino (a leading tennis club of Spain, where many players reached the top 100 ATP and it’s also the club where Sergi Bruguera, a two-time Roland Garros champion was formed). He was working 6 years with the junior Roland Garros champion Alvaro López.

In 2006 he enrolled as a professional Indoor Soccer team Catgas Santa Coloma, and he is the director of the Sport Psychology area that works with the profesional team and also with all the formation categories (more tan 300 players)

In 2007 Oriol opened his own private office in Barcelona,  where he has worked with more of 100 clients. His modern techniques (Biofeedback, Virtual Reality, Mindfulness…) have been successfully applied for peak-performance training for business executives, children and athletes to improve their concentration and anxiety regulation.

He has worked for several tennis academies in Barcelona like Ad-In of Albert Portes (20ATP), Acdemia Sanchez-Casal, Padel Academy of CT. Andres Gimeno and also has worked in Hong Kong International Tennis Academy, China.

Since 2010 he has been a professor of sport psychology of the Catalan Padel Federation coaching courses and he published a book in 2016: Entrenador Líder. Psicologia deportiva para la gestión de equipos deportivos. published by MCSport Editors, where he explains his experiences working with coaches of different sports. 

He owns a web: www.altrendiment.com

Oriol has a modern view and he understands sport as a science that can be improved with exhaustive work and with his scientific background and with the help of high technology, he can give a tennis academy a quality difference to others that use the traditional methodology of just practice repetitive shoots, over and over again.