October roundup at BTA

November is just around the corner, so it's time we summed up the October events at our academy. There is always lots of going on here and we would love to share it all with you.

Day in day out not only do we train very hard with our full-time players, but also every month we have tennis players visiting our academy on a short-term basis, which is great for all of us. We get to meet new friends and practise with tennis players from around the world.

This month we trained with three big groups of adult players from England, junior players from the Aboyne Tennis Club from Scotland and the Nyon Tennis Club from Switzerland, which all did with us a weekly programme. We filled every day with lots of action, making the most of their stay here in Spain.

The Swiss group of junior players from Nyon, the hometown of our director, not only worked hard with us on their tennis and fitness, but also did the ITN zone test, measuring their stroke consistency, accuracy, power and assessing their mobility. 


At the end of afternoon sessions, our director Raphael prepared short tutorials for our short-term players, analysing their game and giving them some key pointers. For example, one tutorial was entirely dedicated to the importance of the 2nd serve and developing the slice serve.

All month the weather was wonderful, so all our players did a lot of fitness trainings on the beach with our new fitness coach Eric. The groups which visited us could spend their post-practice time on the beach or chill by our pool and thus combine holidays with tennis trainings.

In October we also trained with a group of friends from the US and Graeme and his son Louis from the UK - it was a pleasure to train with all of them. 

Last but not least, our team of full-time players has been joined by Annunciata De-Souza and Amina Suleimanova. We are very excited about helping them develop their game and improve on a continuous basis.

Looking forward to seeing you all here at BTA!