Grow your mindset; grow your game

At Barcelona Tennis Academy we are really big on Carol Dweck’s growth mindset approach. We take special efforts to apply the framework into our daily tennis practice. For an athlete, the vision of brain as a muscle which can be developed through practice cannot be not compelling.

In substance, the growth mindset consists in persistent working towards the maximisation of potential, developing new patterns through constant learning, opening up for difficulties and embracing challenges. It is about continual improvement day in day out by understanding that setbacks are inevitable and mistakes necessary for any progress.

The growth mindset is a great tool for teaching patience and perseverance. Each case of planned effort exertion, however small in scale, breeds a little transformation. You start small, proceed step by step on a day to day basis, putting in consistent effort. In the process you take your potential to a whole new level. 

When you set the course for continual self-improvement, nothing ever remains the same as virtually you never stop progressing. And this is also why it never gets boring. We don’t want our players to get stuck in a rut. We want our players to grow their game and grow their mindsets with this type of approach.