BTA Online Coaching

Our online coaching programmes are a great alternative for those players who cannot come to our academy or stay here longer with us, yet are eager to work with us on their game from home or for those who wish to complement their trainings with online feedback and advice.

We offer a variety of online programmes, ranging from a one-off complete technical analysis of a player’s game to match analysis and annual coaching programmes.

Stroke analysis may involve one particular shot, which the player would like to focus on and add improvements to. Alternatively, it may comprise technical feedback on all the shots, including forehand, backhand, volleys, smash, serve and return of serve.

Match analysis, in addition to shot analysis, allows for input on tactics and a mental approach.

Annual programmes include the comprehensive analysis of the player’s game followed by regular feedback sessions on their improvement as well as regular match analyses. 

You can send us a video or upload a link and we’re set to work on your game!