Team effort at BTA

The continual support of the team on the player’s tennis journey is key. We strongly believe in team effort, family-like values and every day we give our best to take care of our players, to support them and help them grow.

Our team members play numerous roles in the life of our players, all of which are crucial for their adequate development. The team members are teachers who share their expertise and constructive feedback with players on a daily basis, helping them improve both as tennis players and as individuals.

We organise for the player all the little details of daily life such as scheduling, everyday transport, health care, diet, accommodation, school issues, thus creating a space where players can feel safe and secure so that their mind can be at peace and fully focused on their goals. 

The team is here to protect players from the negative impact of the outside world by building protective walls around them so that they can be sheltered from its pressure, constant focus on results and never-ending comparisons. We act as psychologists who not only try to optimise players’ performance by working on their mental toughness and general attitude, but, most of all, who listen to their problems every day and thus can provide more in-depth advice and support. 

In a small academy like ours, the atmosphere is intimate and family-like as coaches and players have daily opportunities to talk with each other, share problems and ideas and thus form bonds. The relationship is based on a sense of security, friendship and mutual trust. 

Looking forward to seeing you here!