It's not about winning; it's about the process

Our whole BTA team would like to congratulate our two players from South Africa - Paige and Tebatso on their great performances in yesterday’s matches. Both of them lost but the effort they brought to the game was unbelievable. They played against extremely solid, highly-ranked Spanish  players and both matches were very tight. We are very proud of how they performed yesterday but, most of all, we are full of admiration at their progress, how tremendously their games have improved thanks to the hard work they put in every single day of trainings, their consistency and dedication.

This was the last tournament after a series of tournaments, in which we have participated over the last month and how Tebatso and Paige played yesterday is for all of us a great motivation for the oncoming weeks of trainings, the goal of which is to prepare for another set of tournaments. 

It is very inspiring to watch how players transform their game through their daily effort and that losses can be a valuable experience too.