Trainings for U10 players at BTA

In tennis trainings with U10 players we put major emphasis on proper technique, balance, coordination and agility. One-to-one individualised sessions are particularly helpful in this regard as this is how we can get closer to children and open them up for input.

Another essential part of trainings with this age group is about gradually getting them to understand the strategies and tactics behind playing points and eventually matches. The experience of match play is also for them a great opportunity to express their competitive spirits and for us to instill into them the values of fair play and team work. That is why we combine singles matches with doubles and organise one-day tournaments so that they can put into practice what they pick up in trainings.

Overall, we try to add a great deal of variety to keep their minds occupied and their bodies busy. At the same time, we do not want boredom to sneak into practices. The goal is for our younger players to learn through fun activities and, most importantly, to develop love for the game.