Never-ending summer at BTA

Summer in Europe might be slowly coming to its end, which normally means colder and darker days; however, here in Catalonia, where our academy is based, summer vibes are up in the air almost all year round. Thanks to the warm and pleasant climate, our sunny place is one of the most exciting destinations to spend holidays in. 

Combined with tennis training, holidays can take on a whole new meaning and turn into an unforgettable adventure. For tennis enthusiasts who seek intense tennis trainings and for professionals we offer full-time programmes, with 4 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness per day. For those who like to mix trainings with other activities, we have a part-time programme with an option of language courses.

Both our club and all our accommodation options are located nearby the picturesque Castelldefels beach, where at least once per week our players have their fitness sessions. Not to mention weekends, which can be all about chilling and recovery on the beach. Those who like to mix tennis with various forms of cross-training, cycling, running or kite surfing are very popular choices in Castelldefels.

That is why for us autumn does not carry its typical associations. Quite the contrary, for us autumn is the perfect time to train, the weather being milder and even more conducive to draining training sessions. So don’t hesitate and join us here for an inimitable experience in the breathtaking setting!