When a tennis court is your best escape

We always hear how sport reflects life, its constant ups and downs and its unpredictability but for us the experience of sport might actually be the best escape from reality.

When you love the difficulty, the effort, the physical sacrifice, all the discomfort that sport brings with itself; when you learn to love the physical and mental challenge that is an essential part of sport, sport starts to play a special role in your life, and for a tennis player the court becomes an escape.

Each time you go to practice, you know that it is going to be difficult, it is certain for you how it is going to look like but you come back to do it anyway and repeat it every single day, because you love this process of putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to lift yourself to another level. You’re happy about all these little steps, improvements, no matter how tiny they are, despite the exhaustion and fatigue they make you go through.

In comparison with reality which is always unstable and uncertain, this place gives security, because you know exactly what the process involves and you are ready for this. When you go out there to do your sport, you know what you will get there. There is no surprises. And for someone who truly loves the sport, it is not so much about the result and competition. These are different ideas, the uncontrollable part of the sport, which is closer to life. But here we talk about another aspect of sport, the one that is key. It is all about the process of loving the experience and enjoying the effort. And as such it is the safest place in the world, the most stable and the most secure because you know what to expect and it is all on you.