Fantastic Easter week at our academy

It has been a fantastic week of tennis at our academy. The Easter week is always a great opportunity for players from different countries to visit Spain and work on the tennis game here at our academy. This week we have been practising with seven players: Vladimir from France, Susana from Poland, Salome & Mateo - the siblings from Switzerland, Kaitlyn and Kaiton - the siblings from Hong Kong and Alex from Switzerland, who has already trained with us and it is always great to see him again.

Our weekly full-time programmes consist of two training sessions: 2 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness during the morning session and 2 hours of tennis in the afternoon. In the morning, we focus on technique through drills selected based on players' level and age while in the afternoon we have match play, with major emphasis on tactics and players' mental approach. We also want our players to put into practice the technical work from the morning session. In addition, our players participate in group mental sessions. This week’s topic was the preparation of competition plans.

Tennis trainings at our academy can be combined with language courses. For example, Susana enrolled for an English course while Kaitlyn & Kaiton participated in classes of Spanish.

We have been enjoying training with all the players very much - some of them are staying with us another week!

Looking forward to seeing them all again!