Personalised programmes at BTA

BTA is a small academy, so our approach to players’ development can be very individualised. We treat every player with personal attention, since we have time and space to get to know them well and build relationships with them and take care of every aspect of their game, such as technique, fitness, strategy & tactics as well as their psychology.

Knowing our players very well enables us to create for them individualised training programmes, tailored to their needs and ability. During trainings, there are usually two players with a coach on the court. However, because of the number of players we train with, we frequently run one-on-one training sessions, during which we work on these aspects of the game our players particularly need to focus on and improve. We divide technical practices into stages and focal points to facilitate the learning process for a given player. All the focal points are entirely individualised - the player is in the centre of attention and their individual needs are being addressed.

Importantly, we want our players to be involved in the process as well - we explain the goals behind all the exercises and listen to their feedback and ideas.

This personalisation of our programmes and training sessions is a priority in our approach to training and coaching.

Individualised volley practice with our player Teba - focus on the court positioning
Our director Raphael working with Mahin on the backhand