Effort is key

Effort for us is the key criterion; ‘a positive, constructive force that ignites ability and turns it into accomplishment’ (C.Dweck, The Mindset). If the player is ready to put in consistent effort, we know that amazing things may follow. Based on the fixed mindset, everybody is a finished product and our current performance is a direct measure of our competence and worth. What you are after is effortless perfection as effort is for sloggers. We are driven by something different; for us everyone can transform themselves through effort and experience. We look squarely at mistakes and deficiencies and ask what needs to be done to go beyond them and improve.

So it was a joy for us this week to watch all our players, both full-time ones and those who stayed with us on a weekly programme, and see how much effort they put into every practice to get better and push their limits.

Catherine has visited us for the third time. Before she came with a group from the Deeside Tennis Academy from Scotland; this time she trained with us individually. During this stay, we put a great deal of emphasis on the technique behind all the shots.

Jorge and Luca trained with us this summer and it was a pleasure to work with them again. During our trainings, we tried to put lots of emphasis on balance and coordination, which is key for this age group. Below in the video, our head coach Jordane is working with the boys on their forehands.

Alex and Angus visited us for the first time and it was great to see their intensity during practices. We hope they will keep coming back to our academy.