Fitness and tennis rotations

On Monday and Wednesday afternoons we do 1-hour sessions of fitness and tennis rotations. Players switch between courts to perform various types of fitness exercises which are directly correlated with tennis drills. The fitness exercises are tennis-specific and concentrate on increasing power, strength and resistance.

For us it is very important to do on-court fitness so that our players work on the specific movements which they will use when playing. For example, work on the shoulders leads to related sets of volleys or practising sprints and fast change of direction exercises will be directly linked with on-court sprinting to drop shots.

These on-court fitness sessions are physically demanding, yet their impact is incredibly powerful. Not only do they contribute to building our players’ physical conditioning but, most importantly, they develop their on-court performance through their correlation with tennis-specific, on-court movements.

Sets of fitness exercises correlated with tennis drills for increasing power, strength & resistance