BTA Family of Players: Viswa

Last week we finished another long-term programme with Viswa from India and we already can’t wait to see him at our academy again!

It is always a great pleasure to have him and his family here in Spain!

During his stay at our academy his schedule consisted of morning and afternoon tennis and fitness sessions as well as participation in numerous weekend tournaments, thanks to which he could try himself against all types of opponents, frequently much older than him, and get a lot of valuable experience.

Viswa is a very disciplined and extremely hard-working tennis player despite his young age. We truly love his focus and his dedication to all his practices.

He has a big tennis dream, which he has been working on with great determination, and we wish to help him on his journey towards his goal.

Morning session with Viswa
Our head coach Jordane working with Viswa and Roman on top spin and balance.