The constant search of the “here and now”

The experience of tennis can endow players with numerous gifts, regardless of the fact if they train for Grand Slam trophies, wish to learn its basics or to improve their game. Its psychological gains can be numerous and greatly rewarding.

The first reward which comes to mind as one of the most evident ones is the appreciation of the present moment in its full intensity, with the mind invariably progressing only one shot at a time. The process of staying in the here and now is a huge challenge for the easily distracted brain. However, once mastered, it takes the experience of everyday reality to a whole new level.

Another key benefit of tennis which can enrich life off-the-court is the ability of letting go, leaving things behind and accepting the present without the burden of the past. Tennis players function in reality where forgetting the past event is essential so that they can approach the moment that’s unfolding in all its freshness and a razor-sharp focus.

Tennis teaches us that the process of improvement never ends and the project of becoming the best version of yourself never stops. There is always things to work on; no day is the same and potential for progress is immense.

Separating what’s beyond control from the uncontrollable is another valuable gift. The player needs to adapt to different situations, respect referees’ decisions, deal with different playing conditions such as the weather and accept that the opponent can play better than you on a given day.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to list all the gifts the game may bring as the experience can be very subjective; every player can take away from it something unique which has contributed to their growth both as an athlete and a person.

We wish all of you happy holidays and hope that each and every one of you enjoys the present moment and succeeds in living each and every day in the “here and now”!