BTA family of players: Elijah

BTA is a small academy with a limited number of full-time players within each main age category. It was set up as such on purpose, with a very clear idea behind it. We want to be able to dedicate lots of time and personal attention to all our players so that we can get to know them well and adequately respond to their individual needs.

Elijah, an 11-year-old player from Great Britain, has been with us for the second season in a row and it’s been a wonderful experience for all of us! Training with this boy is a great pleasure because of his amazing attitude, which is what value the most. Elijah is a big dreamer with tons of positive energy. It seems he never stops smiling and always has something funny to say.

The moment you see him on the court, the first thing you notice is how much he loves hitting the ball. During tournaments, there is another side to him. Out of a smiley boy he turns into a fighter loving to play long matches and fighting for every single point, just like his favourite player Rafael Nadal.

We are very happy to have him among our full-time players!

Forehand-backhand drill with our player Elijah. Focus on balance & stability.
Morning drill with Daniel and Elijah