Working on technique with Gabriel and Atticus

Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure to work with Gabriel and Atticus, both players being 8 years old. The approach behind training methods for U10 players differs significantly from other age groups.

In tennis trainings with U10 players we put major emphasis on proper technique, balance, coordination and agility. One-to-one individualised sessions are particularly helpful in this regard as this is how we can get closer to children and open them up for input. Children of this age group need constant stimuli to keep their minds occupied, so individual practices are a perfect fit for them. 

Apart from tennis trainings, both boys did fitness sessions as part of their everyday programme at the academy.

Our director Raphael and our head coach Jordane worked intensely on the basics of the two boys’ technique. Both Gabriel and Atticus were very attentive and eager to learn new things. It was great to see how players of such a young age quickly improve on technical aspects and absorb a lot of new information. 

We hope to see them again at our academy!