BTA Clay Training

At our academy the majority of trainings take place on clay, which is considered the best surface for players’ all-round tennis development. 

First of all, due to its softness, clay is easier on the body. It reduces the risk of injury as it does not over-stress the joints, the knees and the back. Therefore, it is always a great choice both for young players putting in hours of training and recreational players who don’t wish to get sidelined by injuries. 

The surface slows down the speed of the ball, the bounce off the clay court is higher and as a consequence points tend to last longer. To become efficient, players need to develop their ability to construct points by thinking ahead and planning, which greatly improves their tactical game. 

In addition, they need to rely on a variety of strokes to win a point, which pushes them to develop a more well-rounded game.

The length of rallies and points also plays a key role in building endurance and stamina. Moreover, since the surface is slippery, it is also a form of agility and balance training. Players’ footwork improves tremendously as a result. 

Crucially, clay significantly contributes to players’ mental toughness. Since to win on the surface, the player needs to hit tons of balls, it instils into them patience and perseverance. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on our clay courts!