Tennis for Kids at BTA

Tennis is a special sport and if a child gets inspired to try it early and finds it fun and engaging, they may derive from it a number of benefits.

It is always great to see small children running around the court, hitting balls and totally enjoying the process. 

This week we are training with a 6-year-old Gabriella from Australia and we are truly impressed with the effort she puts into practice, her focus and discipline.

For this age group we always offer one-on-one training sessions so that the little player stops hitting only during breaks to avoid distractions and gets constant feedback to keep their minds occupied. The ball is in play all the time and the player keeps moving without waiting for their turn and getting bored as a result. Our priorities for trainings are the development of the proper technique, focus on agility, body balance and coordination.

This type of individualisation is essential at this stage of development as it keeps children involved and focused. Hopefully, thanks to this approach, tennis for them will not only be one of the sports to practise but will turn into a lifelong passion.